Meet Noodle Pi, a Raspberry Pi-Based DIY Pocket Computer Powered by GNU/Linux

What makes Noodle Pi unique, allowing it to be a tiny computer that you can always have in your pocket ready to hack, is that it integrates with the small Raspberry Pi Zero single-board computer. Together with six other electronic components and some connecting wires, you’ll be able to create your own Raspberry Pi-based full GNU/Linux pocket computer in a couple of hours. But wait, Noodle Pi is also compatible with the more powerful Raspberry Pi Zero W single-board computer, which comes built-in with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making the project even more versatile. However, when integrated with an old Raspberry Pi Zero, Noodle Pi becomes “Noodle Unsnoopable,” which means that the tiny computer is immune to snooping or attacks over the Internet.