Mesa 17.1.5 Linux Graphics Stacks Released, Improves AMD Radeon & Intel Drivers

For AMD Radeon GPU users, Mesa 17.1.5 improves the Float64 support by implementing 64-bit packing and unpacking, implements the ability for the “radeon” driver to limit the VRAM allocation size, improves support for the Factorio game, and repairs certain issues in the NIR to LLVM translation in regards to image atomic names. For Intel GPU users, Mesa 17.1.5 adds a proper maximum surface limit to the Intel i965 OpenGL driver, along with the ability to use the “true” distance for antialiased lines in Intel Sandybridge, Intel Ironlake, and Intel G45 chips. In addition, Mesa 17.1.5 adds fixes various bugs for the Gallium, Etnaviv, SWR, and SVGA drivers, so we recommend updating to this version as soon as possible.