Network Computing: Tutorial — Procmail: A One-size-fits-all mail processor

“This article shows Unix system administrators how they can
enhance their e-mail setup by installing procmail, a
general-purpose mail processing program for all brands of Unix. I
will use Linux as an example system, but what I say should apply to
to other Unixes.

“The simplest way in which procmail can be used is as a drop-in
replacement for the local mailer. This entails mail delivry as
normal, plus extra processing if a .procmailrc file is present in
the home directory of the recipient.

“You may wish to store mail in the recipient’s home directory,
rather than in the traditional /usr/spool/mail. This has some
obvious advantages:

  • “Mail is subject to the user’s quota limitations. there is
    often more room on the home partition(s) than on /usr/mail.
  • “The quota limitations also apply to /usr/spool/mail or
    /usr/mail if procmail does the delivery.”

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