New: Univention Apps – Enterprise Applications instantly ready for use!

Univention has created Univention Apps – A strong combination of one of the existing apps from the Univention App Center, the Univention App Platform, which is based on the Linux distribution Univention Corporate Server, and the UCS management system. These ready for use apps can be very easily started as virtual machines or installed locally.

Univention Apps integrate seamlessly with each other and into existing (Active Directory) environments, and come with integrated update mechanisms. The range of these Univention Apps is wide, from groupware and document management up to filesync/-sharing and backup solutions and will be extended continuously.

Univention Apps are perfect for end users who want ready-to-use business applications, on the cloud or on-premises, combined with an easy identity management and the possibility to integrate them into the existing IT environment.

Cloud service providers are also welcome to integrate the Univention App Platform into their provisioning system with the opportunity to offer their customers an individual selection or even the entire range of available Univention Apps.

If you are an app vendor, you are very invited to certify your app for the Univention App Platform and take advantage of the steadily growing network of cloud service providers that are offering Univention Apps.

Further information on the Univention website!