NewsForge: Web 2.0 Day Two–And a Taste of Web 1.0

“Last night I was derelict in my duty. Instead of going to a
supper billed as a ‘Conversation with Microsoft’ I left the Web 2.0
Conference for a few hours and went to the Web 1.0 Summit at a bar
a few blocks away, where we all pretended it was 1998 and presented
can’t-miss dot-com business plans to each other. But I have some
serious observations about Web 2.0, too.

“This morning–I’m writing this on Thursday, October 6–there
was a Web 2.0 discussion titled ‘Can Open Source Stay Open?’
featuring Tim O’Reilly (of O’Reilly Media), Mitchell Baker (of the
Mozilla Foundation) and, Jonathan Schwartz (of Sun Microsystems).
Key moment: Schwartz asked how many people in the room used
OpenOffice.org and was disappointed at how few hands went


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