openSUSE Tumbleweed Gets Linux Kernel 4.8.9, CMake 3.7, Firefox 50, and Mesa 13.0.1

It appears that a total of 13 new snapshots have been pushed since our last report, and they brought lots of goodies, starting with the Linux 4.8.9 kernel, Mozilla Firefox 50.0 web browser, Mesa 13.0.1 3D Graphics Library, KDE Frameworks 5.28.0, KDE Applications 16.08.3, CMake 3.7.0, Wireshark 2.2.2, YaST2 3.2.4, and AutoYast2 3.2.3. Those who prefer the GNOME 3.22 desktop environment, should know that the Polari, Orca, Mutter, and Lights Off and Swell Foop were updated to version 3.22.2, the perl-DBD-SQLite, perl-Log-Log4perl, and perl-XML-XPath libraries got new builds, and several new subpackages have been implemented in the libvirt virtualization API.