OrangeCrate: Linux: The Tide Rolls In

“The last few days have been significant for the non-stop
positive messages that are taking over the Internet bandwidth about
Linux. Everywhere I turn, it seems that someone has something
positive to say about Linux. Who would have believed such was
possible a year ago today?

“The good news is that Linux is being accepted, it is happening
and it is exciting. The chance for men to take control of their
futures is returning. I sense the thrill, excitement and hope
returning to the computing community. Perhaps we can yet learn to
work together and build a better future with our technology after
all. After all, we learned a long time ago the lesson that
feudalism is a failed system for the greater good. The future must
remain open.

“There are simply so many good things, that I suppose I should
just begin by tipping my hat to Novell, for their flurry of
excellent announcements this week. They have floored me with the
sheer quantity of ideas that have exploded from their wholesale
adoption of the Open Source philosophy…”


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