OSDir: New Distro: Ultima 4

“Ultima can be described very simply: it is Slackware
pre-configured into a very useable desktop. So, DO expect
Slackware’s stability, performance and simplicity, as well as low
hardware requirements. DO NOT expect cutting edge technologies and
latest versions of packages–Slackware, and therefore Ultima, stick
to what works for them. In particular, they still use 2.4.x
kernels, though 2.6.x kernel is supposed to be available somewhere
(but if it appeared anywhere as an option during the installation,
I missed it).

“Installation is also pure Slackware–perhaps there were some
changes ‘under the hood,’ but to this user (who admittedly hasn’t
installed Slackware in a while) the installer appeared identical,
apart from different set of packages available for