OSNews: Throw That GUI Out the Door: Console Applications That Shine

“As I have recently discovered, with the right applications,
ditching the GUI and using the console exclusively can be a
pleasure. By knowing which console applications will suit your
needs the best you can achieve efficiency in a console environment
that rivals that of a GUI. With well designed ncurses interfaces
many console applications are extremely usable and working in a
console environment can not only free up precious resources it can
also provide several other benefits that will be discussed later in
this article…

“When exploring the idea of continuing existence without your
favorite Desktop Environment you must examine what your needs are
when using your computer. If you are a graphic designer, working
exclusively in the console is obviously out of the questions, but
for many Linux users operating there computer in a console
environment is a very realistic, even enjoyable, solution. Since I
had an older computer lying around I decided to use it as a file
and web server a couple of years back. Later, when working on my
primary machine I got tired of distractions like people instant
messaging me and other temptations like messing with mp3’s, etc. so
I decided to move these applications to the older computer…”


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