Pandora FMS partners with NGINX for a complete webserver experience

For those of you who may still not know, Pandora FMS has recently partnered up with NGINX to produce a new plugin and integration for NGINX plus. This plugin is available for its use on the Enterprise edition of Pandora FMS, and is meant to return real-time metrics on a large list of customisable parameters from NGINX???s service.
some of the most important metrics from NGINX that Pandora FMS picks up on are:
*For each Server Zone: traffic and 2xx, 4xx and 5xx query breakdown.
*For each upstream: availability and traffic
*Cache: status, hit ratio and capacity
*General: failed SSL handshakes, active, dropped and handled connections
This is just a small part from the entire list of parameters that Pandora FMS picks up on from the NGINX Plus status module. Most of them can also be viewed on a customised visual dashboard which also reflects real time metrics on your web server in an easier way to see and read.
We hope this integration proves useful for many of our users that instead of Apache recur to NGINX to provide themselves of a web server for their daily use in business.
The plugin itself is quite simple to use and doesn’t require an especially complicated setup process. To prove this so, below you can find a video that explains the installation and setup process with a special guide on how to configure and use the visual console and register NGINX plus status module as a service on Pandora.