Passively cooled GeForce GTX 680 uses 20 heatpipes, 2 aluminum heatsinks

Performance graphics card and quiet operation are not terms you see very often in the same sentence, Chinese manufacturer Colorful is trying to buck that trend by passively cooling a Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 chipset.

In order to remove the need for a fan, the iGAME card has been encased by two very large aluminum heatsinks sporting 280 fins. Within those blocks of cooling metal you’ll also find a grand total of 20 copper heatpipes (fourteen 6mm pipes and six 8mm pipes). Altogether it means the card has 20,000cm2 of cooling.

Don’t expect to be fitting any other cards in your motherboard once this is in position. It looks as though the cooling on the back of the card is as wide as that on the front, meaning it’s the equivalent of an SLi setup when installed, possibly even wider.