PC Week: Microsoft impugns government witness’s knowledge

Thanks to Marty for this

“Microsoft is still trying to prove Windows 98 and Internet
Explorer form an integrated and inseparable product.”

After David Farber took the
to testify on the definition of an operating system,
Microsoft’s lawyers attacked his person and qualifications.

Holley is on Microsoft’s team of lawyers.

“Holley continued today to try to make Farber look like anything
but an expert witness. Holley said: ‘You have a PhD, don’t you?’ to
which Farber replied, ‘You know perfectly well I don’t.'”

After Holley demonstrated that Farber does not know his way
through the maze of Windows configurations, they suggest that he
does not know how to use computers at all.

“‘I am not an expert on Windows and I never claimed to be,’ said