PC World: Thin Is Back In

“Citrix unveiled a piece of its product strategy for Web-enabled
applications by demonstrating two technologies code-named Charlotte
and Vertigo.

Charlotte is an incarnation of Citrix’s existing Program
Neighborhood product for the Web. The technology allows end-users
to access a user profile of applications through the Web, which
provides secure access and authentication. Vertigo, a result of
Citrix’s acquisition of ViewSoft, enhances Web-based applications
by facilitating richer graphics.”

“In addition, Citrix demonstrated an ability to run UNIX and
Java applications over its ICA protocol, formerly reserved for
Windows applications. Bowing to customer demand, Citrix is
diversifying its platform base and eventually expects to bundle
UNIX, Windows, and other versions of its MetaFrame product

“Also at the show, Compaq displayed its new thin-client product
as expected. Due to be officially announced on October 4, Compaq
will have two systems: a classic Windows-based terminal and a
Linux-based system that runs a Netscape browser.”