PCLOS TinyMe–Nothing Tiny With This Little Fella

“While I typically like to stay closer to some distributions
that are on top of the leader board on Distrowatch.com, once and a
while something out there will pique my interest. I have always
wanted to play around with what I would like to classify as a
microdistro, one intended to be run on older hardware with a very
small package behind it, but never found any of the most popular
really to my liking. Mainly it was a lack of eye candy appeal and
the fact that so much had already been published about these that I
stayed away, minus the occasional trip into the wild.

“So I was looking around for a new distro to run my server at
home, and decided on PCLinux Business Edition, which then had a
link in the community to another called TinyMe. I was curious as to
what this might offer, being that I am a very big PCLOS fan, love
my new BEL system that I plan on reviewing at a later date, so why
not give this little fella a try? It seems to be rising up the
ranks at Distrowatch so something must be decent about it. So let’s
try this little bug out and see if it can fly with the big

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