PRNewswire: IDC Expects Worldwide Thin Clients to Weigh in at Over 1 Million in 2000

“The worldwide thin client market is quickly growing fat. IDC
expects shipments to weigh in at almost 1.3 million by yearend
2000, 80% heavier than at the start of the year — and that’s after
a 90% increase in 1999.

“‘The worldwide enterprise thin client market is experiencing
powerful growth,’ said Eileen O’Brien, director of IDC’s Enterprise
Thin Clients research program.”

“Windows-based-terminal-like devices currently dominate the
market, accounting for more than 70% of shipments in 1999. However,
IDC expects they will see increased competition from Linux-based
thin clients.”

“‘Many Linux thin clients were brought to market late in 1999
and early this year,’ O’Brien said. ‘Their presence should bring
the level of competition up a notch.’ IBM, Neoware, Netier,
Addonics, Maxspeed, and Compaq all offer Linux thin clients.
‘Nevertheless, it is obvious that the applications people want to
use today in enterprises are Windows applications, but Linux
alternatives could develop.'”

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