Pundits, Analysts Weigh In on “GoogleOffice”

Search Engine Journal: Google and Sun : Partnership to Kill

“As you have probably already heard, Google and Sun have
partnered up to distribute the Google Toolbar with Sun’s Java.
While this may seem like a minor deal in the grand scheme of
things, upon further reflection I find this could be the deal which
will ultimately break Microsoft.

“While the implications could be huge and far reaching, only
Google knows for sure what it wants. We can speculate however and
that’s what this article is all about. Is such a deal good for Sun
(and Google) or is it a pact with the devil…?”


Microsoft Watch: ‘GoogleOffice’: A Microsoft Office

“To hear Sun, Google and the Anything But Microsoft campers tell
it, Microsoft Office will be officially toast any day now. I say
they’re wrong. But not because Microsoft Office–even with 90+
percent of the desktop office suite market share to its credit–is


The Motley Fool: Google Finally Goofs Up

“Go ahead, type your hate mail. I can take it. Just remember
that when you read that I think Google may be the most brilliant of
all the copycats out there. But teaming with Sun Microsystems to
push StarOffice? Why, Google? Why?

“You don’t really see StarOffice as the white-knight alternative
to Microsoft’s Office, do you? Not that StarOffice is bad. Heck,
its open-source cousin, OpenOffice, is being adopted by the state
of Massachusetts [sic]…?”


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