Purism Partners with Nitrokey to Reinforce the Security of Their Linux Laptops

Purism has always tried to offer its customers some of the most secure and privacy-aware laptops with the Librem 13 and 15 lineups, and it is now working to deliver the privacy-focused Librem 5 smartphone powered by PureOS, a Debian-based operating system that Purism uses on all of its Librem laptops. Now, the company has partnered with Nitrokey to create a so-called GPG SmartCard that will make security and cryptography more accessible by integrating it with the hardware and software of its Librem laptops. Earlier this year, Purism announced that it partnered with cryptography and GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) pioneer Werner Koch to create a new encrypted communication standard for its security-focused devices, and now the company promises to reinforce the security of its devices and continue the mission to make security and cryptography more accessible to its customers with Purekey, literally putting the security keys of their devices in their hands. Purekey is, in fact, a USB token that eases the management of secure keys.