Pydio Offers Free Enterprise File Sharing Platform For up to 10 Users

Pydio, has today announced the release of the first dedicated Enterprise Distribution of its popular open source file sharing and sync platform.

Pydio Enterprise Distribution combines the open source Pydio Core project together with a more powerful administration and security console for enterprise users. The new distribution also features simple-to-install software packages for on-premise, private or public cloud environments, along with options for enterprise support. The new Enterprise Distribution will be available as a free download for up to 10 users, as well as through Pydio’s free enterprise trial programme.

With over 1 million downloads, Pydio is the world’s most widely used, dedicated open source file sharing and sync platform. Formerly known as the AjaXplorer Project, Pydio provides a unified platform that works cross platform on Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices. In contrast to online file sharing services, users retain full ownership and control of their own data.

???In many industries, control and audit of file storage is now a vital part of regulatory compliance. While free online file sharing services are great for consumers, compliant file storage services can be highly expensive for enterprise customers,??? comments David Gillard, COO at Pydio. ???Pydio Enterprise Distribution, builds on our core open source project, to deliver a lower cost solution for business. It combines the intuitive, end-user simplicity of our latest Pydio 6.2 release together with enterprise control.

Pydio Enterprise Distribution dramatically simplifies administration of a business user base, to unlock the power and scalability of the underlying Pydio Core functionality. Key features of the new administration console include:

– Sophisticated analytics combine with the new Pydio Widget Builder, allowing organisations to create customized dashboards, alerts and reports. Uses include: automated security monitoring, internal auditing and reporting on departmental usage.

– Pydio Companion, which allows administrators to click on any field for a detailed explanation of its functionality.

– Increase in performance x 4 compared to the previous Open Source version.

– Old-school drop down menus have been replaced with a more powerful search function. Administrators can use natural language search to find combinations of functionality, settings, end-users, groups. folders and files.

– Intuitive, granular control to a per user, per file level. Organisations can monitor overall usage patterns and drill down to analyse and control individual activities. Administrators can alter permissions for workgroups, individual users, workspaces, and folders, in real time.

– Active Kill tool makes it fast and simple to terminate any sessions, instantly blocking access to intruders or lost and stolen devices.

A full, detailed feature listing for Pydio Enterprise can be found at: https://www.pydio.com/en/why-pydio/why-enterprise-distribution

Pricing and Availability

Pydio Enterprise Distribution is available to download now from the Pydio.com website and is free of charge for up to 10 users: https://www.pydio.com/en/get-pydio

Supported Enterprise Licenses for up to 100 users are charged at 1350??? /$1620 per year
(With a 30 day free trial available)

Larger users can contact Pydio Sales directly for individual pricing and access to the free Enterprise Evaluation Programme: https://www.pydio.com/en/get-pydio/contact