Qomo Linux 4.0 Beta Released; New Repository Page Launched

On September 24th, the 4.0 Beta version of Qomo Linux, the community distribution of Linux-ren, was distributed. it is a grand new distribution that has been developed from the scratch by the Qomo team, for several months. In future, users since this version will be at the most up to date version of Qomo as soon as they keep updating; no reinstallation is needed. Meanwhile, the software repository of Qomo will also be divided into three levels, and will be merged level by level according to their stabilities, thus ensuring the stability of users’ system.

Qomo Linux 4.0 Beta takes the kernel version of the newest stable version, and the hardware drivers are richer. It adopts the systemd mechanism in basis of Qomo 3.1, and has a faster start-up speed; meanwhile, it provides users with the function of completing the command line automatically. It adopts the stable version of KDE 4.9, and the new version of KDE enhanced the stability and performance, which brings many new features, and the default input method is ibus-sunpinyin, which is the most welcome input methods on Linux system.

Besides the KDE desktop environment, Qomo Linux releases the Gnome version the first time, and provides support for Gnome desktop environment, the adoption of Gnome 3.4.2 provides users with another choice. In the future, Qomo Linux will add support for more desktop environment, according to the need of users in the community.

The Linux People launched the new project homepage(qomo.linux-ren.org) at the time of the release of the Qomo Linux 4.0 Beta, the homepage is used to show the preview of the features and functions of the newest Qomo Linux, and the release of Qomo Linux will be focused on the homepage, meanwhile, we’ll enrich the functions of the project homepage constantly, in the future, it’ll provide users with the function of personalized customization for Qomo Linux.

After the release of Qomo Linux 4.0 Beta, the project group will focus on collecting the feedback of users, and modify Bugs and update system in time, they’ll provide users with a more high-quality official version of Linux 4.0. At that time, users who have installed the Beta version needn’t reinstalling, the Qomo has a feature of rolling upgrade, which will upgrade the system to the official version smoothly.

The download address of Qomo Linux: [url=http://qomo.linux-ren.org]http://qomo.linux-ren.org[/url]
The submit address of Bugs: [url=http://bugs.linux-ren.org/]http://bugs.linux-ren.org/[/url]
The forums of Qomo Linux: [url=http://www.linux-ren.org/forum-85-1.html]http://www.linux-ren.org/forum-85-1.html[/url]
The lottery address of sina weibo activity: [url=http://event.weibo.com/616989]http://event.weibo.com/616989[/url]

Main new features:
Support multiple desktop environment. The 4.0 adds ISO release of gnome version the first time, that is, there are two ISO: gnome version and kde version, and there will be other versions in the future.
Adopt systemd mechanism roundly, and the start-up speed is faster. The 4.0 provide a function of complementing the command line of systemctl automatically, which is very convenient for users to learn and use system.
The installation takes only four steps with the new developed simple and elegant installation program. The users’ configuration after installation is finished when the system first start up, which fits the need of OEM client better.
Optimized the software dependency, and have a smaller ISO without the reduce of functions.
The dependency is clear, and the system is more stable.
Simplified the assigned package mechanism, and keep the package structure and software structure of the official version consistency, which is more convenient for community lovers to compile and configure.
A new design of theme, especially the splash screen is cooler than 3.1.

Main components of the system and their versions
` kernel : 3.5.3
` glibc : 2.16.0
` systemd(integrating udev): 188
` dbus :1.6.4
` Xorg : 1.12.4
` yum : 3.4.3
` rpm : 4.10.0
` gtk : 3.4.4
` qt : 4.8.2
` gnome : 3.4.2
` kde : 4.9.0
` firefox :15.0
` ibus : 1.4.2
` networkmanager : 0.9.4
` libreoffice : 3.5.5

New features of the KDE desktop:
` double click execution by default
` adopt folders view in default
` Forbid some unnecessary service, which speed up the operation speed
` Using ibus-sunpinyin which is the most popular input method under Linux as the default input method
` Using thunderbird as the mail client
` Using firefox as the default browser
` Using VLC as the video player
` Using libreoffice as the office suit
` Other software that are mainly KDE-integrated

New features of the Gnome desktop:
` Using the Gnome3 desktop environment
Main applications integrated include:
` Image viewer: shotwell
` Office: libreoffice
` Pdf: evince
` Zip: file-roller
` Email: evolution
` Disk analyzer: baobab
` Media player: totem
` Games: gnome, games
` Browser: firefox
` Flash: adobe flash player
` Input method: ibus
` Network: networkmanager-applet

Multiple ways of installing:
` DVD-ROM: using DVD disk as the installation media.
` USB flash disk: run command ???dd if=Qomo_kde_4.0_beta.iso of=/dev/sdX??? (please replace X with the digit of your partition) under the Linux environment, and the USB flash disk is able to boot Qomo. In windows, Universal USB Installer is recommended to be used to make a bootable USB flash disk.
` Hard disk: [url=http://wiki.linux-ren.org/index.php/Install_Qomo_from_HDD]http://wiki.linux-ren.org/index.php/Install_Qomo_from_HDD[/url]
[align=center]the KDE desktop[/align]
[align=center]the Gnome desktop[/align]

Chinese version of this news: [url=http://www.linux-ren.org/thread-67640-1-1.html]http://www.linux-ren.org/thread-67640-1-1.html[/url]

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