Release Digest: Distributions, November 10, 2004

Distribution: SAM Mini Live Linux
Release: 1.1
Announcement: “Included is the firefox 1.0 (final) release, the first preview
of Gimp 2.2, Gaim 1.0.2, some new and exchanged games (now 13),
Ctorrent and some more updates. You can use ‘transset’ to check out
the transparency effects of Xorg 6.8.1. Also new is Zenity to give
bash-scripts nice Gui dialogs. The first one included is a Gui for
SAMs configsave…”

Full Announcement
Download Link: Download
Distribution: Kurumin Linux
Release: 3.31
Announcement: In
Download Link: ISO
Distribution: Progeny Debian
Release: 2.0 RC1
Announcement: “Progeny Debian 2.0 DE RC1 has been released. Progeny Debian
2.0 DE aims to provide an unmatched ‘out of the box’ environment
for software developers building applications for the Java,
Mono/.NET and LAMP platforms. Progeny Debian 2.0 DE also serves as
a showcase for Componentized Linux and includes all CL
Download Link: Source/Binary