Roaring Penguin Software releases CanIt 9.0.4

New feature: Passive Operating System Identification

20 Mar 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Roaring Penguin Software Inc., the email filtering experts, maker of the acclaimed CanIt-PRO, CanIt-Domain-PRO, CanIt Archiver and Hosted CanIt anti-spam and email archiving solutions, announces the release of CanIt 9.0.4.

CanIt 9.0.4 introduces several new features and improvements.

Major New Features include:

Passive OS fingerprinting, which attempts to determine the operating system and link type of the SMTP client. The results are tokenized for Bayes and can be used in Compound Rules.
GUI improvements to make it clearer that an an action has taken place and no further action is required. As well, emblems in the Quarantine Display show SPF pass/fail/softfail results.
Improvements made in Anomaly detection display both the first and last occurrence of an anomaly. As well, error messages have been improved to provide more informative anomaly messages.

CanIt 9.0.4 is available as:

* CanIt-PRO, an anti-spam software solution suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
* CanIt-Domain-PRO, spam filtering software for MSPs to host anti-spam for their customers.
* Hosted CanIt, a fully outsourced, hosted anti-spam service.
* CanIt Archiver, email archiving software.

About Roaring Penguin
Founded in 1999, Roaring Penguin Software Inc., the email filtering experts, focuses on fighting spam at the mail server with the acclaimed CanIt and MIMEDefang product lines. Today, Roaring Penguin develops its anti-spam solutions and email archiving / email continuity software for customers that include enterprises, ISPs, MSPs, Universities, web hosts, and government offices. For more information, visit http://www.roaringpenguin.com.