Running Linux on the PlayStation 3: More Than a Toy

[ Thanks to LinucksGirl for this link.

“When Sony first announced that the PlayStation 3 would be able
to run Linux natively, a great deal of excitement ensued. Early on,
it was a bit of a challenge to get Linux natively installed. The
supported installer ran a custom script that hand-mangled a Fedora
Core 5 or 6 install DVD into a runnable system with a special PS3
kernel. People put in hours and hours of effort to get other
systems, such as Ubuntu, working. Terrasoft’s Yellow Dog Linux,
with an actual graphical installer that ran on the PS3, was the
king of the hill.

“Time has passed, and a great deal has changed. Fedora 7
installs on the PS3 out of the box, with the most challenging parts
being selecting the PS3 storage driver so it can find the install
DVD, and remembering to specify a video mode on the initial install
command line so you’ll be able to see the installer…”

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