SearchOpenSource: OpenOffice Expert’s Review: On-the-Go Docs with AjaxWrite

[ Thanks to Jane Walker for this link.

“If AjaxWrite were just any new, free word processor, it would
be mildly interesting. But it caught my eye because it is an online
application written in the hot and useful Ajax language. Here’s how
to use it and what I encountered when I explored it for the first

“Looking for a zippy intro to this article, I wondered about the
origins of the name Ajax. Ajax was a Greek hero in the Trojan War
who went mad and tried to kill his peers when Odysseus, not he, got
the armor of slain Achilles. Athena made Ajax think cattle were his
comrades-in-arms, and Ajax killed the herd. When he realized his
mistake, he killed himself as an honorable exit…”

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