Skylable releases new versions of its Open Source storage and Dropbox alternative

Skylable announced availability of SX 2.2, its Open Source flagship solution for building data clouds and a new project – SXScout, which joins the SXDrive family of file sync&share; applications.

According to Skylable’s blog post, the new release of SX “provides a significant performance boost by improving calculation, index usage and maintaining cache of frequently computed values, as well as performing background propagation of all replicas above 1 by default.” Some performance improvements were also made in SXFS, which is a distributed filesystem based on FUSE and backed by SX.

Additionally, Skylable announced a new project – SXScout. The company has been developing its file sync&share; application line – SXDrive, for quite a while now. SXDrive is available for all popular platforms, including mobile ones, and provides Dropbox-like functionality on premise, keeping all data in the SX storage, and making use of its features, such as deduplication or client-side encryption. With SXScout one can access the remote data without the need to synchronize it to local disk.