Slackware-Based Superb Mini Server 2.0.9 Supports Let’s Encrypt Certificates

It’s been more than two years since we last wrote here an article about Superb Mini Server, as the last version we covered was 2.0.7. Superb Mini Server 2.0.8 point release launched more than a year ago, on May 2015, and it now looks like the developer is back to keep his server-oriented distro up to date with the most recent GNU/Linux technologies and open source software projects. Powered by a recent version of the latest long-term supported (LTS) Linux 4.4 kernel branch (4.4.22), Superb Mini Server 2.0.9 appears to be in sync with the Slackware 14.2 repositories and ships with a large number of updated packages, among which we can mention Postfix 3.0.7 , MySQL 5.5.52, Samba 4.5.0, Dovecot 2.2.25, BIND 9.10.4_P3, Apache 2.2.31, which is used as default web server, and PHP 5.6.26.