Solus 3 Debuts with Support for Ubuntu’s Snaps, Linux 4.12, and Budgie Desktop 10.4

Powered by the Linux 4.12 kernel and Mesa 17.1.6, Solus 3 contains all of the latest open-source apps, including but not limited to Mozilla Firefox 55.0.1 as default web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird 52.2.1 as default email and news client, LibreOffice as default office suite, and Rhythmbox 3.4.1 as default audio player, which ships with the latest release of the Alternative Toolbar extension. Default video player is GNOME MPV 0.12 on the main Solus edition, which ships with the latest and greatest Budgie 10.4 desktop environment, as well as the GNOME edition, which features the most recent GNOME 3.24 Stack, and the popular VLC Media Player 2.2.6 is was by default in the Solus MATE edition that still uses the MATE 1.18 desktop environment.