Solus 4 and Budgie 10.5 Desktop Will Finally Be Released in Spring 2019

It’s been a year since the former leader of the Solus Project, Ikey Doherty, promised us the release of Solus 4, but after many trials and tribulations the team is now stable and ready to continue from where they left off. According to experience lead developer Joshua Strobl, the Solus 4 release is on its way very soon, as soon as Budgie 10.5 desktop environment hits the streets. Of course, Solus being a rolling release distribution means that the Solus 4 release will be just another ISO snapshot with up-to-date packages and all the latest security fixes. However, the Solus community wanted a Solus 4 release, and it’s a good thing to have a fresh image at hand for new deployments of the operating system without having to download hundreds of updates after installation.

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