Solus Gets Linux Kernel 4.8.1, LibreOffice 5.2.2, and Radeon Vulkan Driver

First of all, it looks like Solus is the first stable (rolling) GNU/Linux operating system to offer the recently released Linux 4.8.1 kernel, which the Solus team garnished with a new layer of security to protect you against 0-day exploits, support for native sockets over a hypervisor, support for Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s touch controller, as well as support for the power button on the new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop. We’re all writing something a Word editor or editing XML documents in Excel, so an office suite is something that must be installed by default in any operating system. The popular LibreOffice has been updated recently to version 5.2.2, the second maintenance version to the latest stable series, which now is included in the main software repositories of Solus.