SRO: Microsoft: 64-Bit Windows Is On Track

“Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday provided a timetable for 64-bit
Windows, its next-generation operating system slated to follow
Windows 2000.

The company has said since last year that it will deliver its
final 64-bit Windows product concurrently with Intel Corp.’s
shipment of its IA-64 Merced processor. Company officials
reiterated Microsoft’s commitment to ship a 64-bit NT release
before the end of 2000.”

“Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows will not supersede Windows 2000,
company officials have said; instead, the two operating systems
will be updated in lockstep for at least 10 years.”

“Since last summer, Microsoft has had a working version of its
C++ 64-bit compiler, but has held off from marketing it, since the
Merced silicon has not been available until now. Microsoft
officials did not comment by press time on when the company will
ship its 64-bit compiler.”