Supercharge WordPress, Part 2

[ Thanks to Lee
for this link. ]

“In my last article I showed you how to set up CentOS, nginx,
and MySQL to optimize your WordPress installation. That’s a great
start, but there’s more you can do. Here we’ll set up PHP-FPM
(FastCGI Process Manager), WordPress itself, and Varnish Cache, a
web application accelerator.

“I use PHP-FPM as an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation
because it offers some useful features for sites of any size, and
especially busier sites.

“Unfortunately, PHP-FPM is not available in the default CentOS
repository, and not even in EPEL, the Extra Packages for Enterprise
Linux repository we set up earlier, so we have to add another
repository, this one from the IUS Community Project. The goal of
this project is to provide up-to-date and regularly maintained RPM
packages for the latest upstream versions of PHP, Python, MySQL,
and other common software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).”

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