SuperTuxKart 1.3 Released with New Arenas, New Karts, and GUI Improvements

Coming more than a year after SuperTuxKart 1.2, SuperTuxKart 1.3 is here to introduce two new battle arenas, namely Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth and Alien Signal. While the first is a brand new dark environment inspired by the Rome Colosseum, the latter was already offered to donators and is based on a real location for the SETI program. Both of them support the Capture The Flag (CTF) mode.

New karts are also present in this release, namely the cute Pepper from Pepper&Carrot as a replacement for Sara the Racer, and some of the existing karts received a makeover, such as Gnu, Adiumy, Emule, and Sara the Wizard, which is now just Sara. Learn more about the new release here.