System76’s Ubuntu-Based Pop!_OS Linux Enters Beta, It’s Based on Ubuntu 17.10

That’s right, System76 also created their own distro, following on the footsteps of other Linux PC manufactures, such as TUXEDO Computers, which created TUXEDO Xubuntu for their machines. Pop!_OS Linux is designed with the System76 user in mind, but you can also install it on any other laptop or workstation, though it’s a modified version of with pre-installed drivers for various of System76’s computers. Pop!_OS Linux first ever release will be based on Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark), which is set to launch next month on October 19 with the GNOME 3.26 desktop environment by default on top of the next-generation Wayland display server. Pop!_OS Linux will also be using the GNOME Stack and allow users to access Ubuntu’s software repositories if they want to install additional apps.