The Register: Bill’s big deals go MIA – rolls out MSN Mobile 2 instead

“Numerous dogs didn’t bark when Bill Gates delivered his keynote
speech at Wireless 2000 in New Orleans yesterday. A leaked memo
earlier in the month had trailed a dazzling list of deals Microsoft
was on the point of clinching, and which Bill could use for his
keynote, but they seem to have been delayed.”

“So what happened? Did Bill’s speech writers get
over-excited and over-optimistic about what could be achieved
before February 28th, or was it all spin, a deliberate leak
intended to bounce a few telcos into a deal?”

“Whatever, as the big names weren’t available to salute, Bill
was forced to fall back on his old friends from Qualcomm to produce
a Pocket PC-based reference design for CDMA wireless systems. Still
a bit niche, this one, and then there’s the small matter of the
Symbian-Qualcomm deal announced yesterday as well…”