The Register: MS denounced by ZDnet readers – is it a Linux hit team?

This British self-proclaimed tabloid wonders if a series of
Linux advocates are responsible for a rash of anti-Microsoft
sentiments expressed on a Ziff-Davis forum.

“…But humorously, down in the Talkback discussion section at
the bottom of the ZD story, waves of apparently ordinary users are
denouncing Microsoft; you have to get quite a way down the list
before you get to a plaintive suggestion that maybe the story is on
the receiving end of a coordinated attack by Linux hit-teams.”

“Now, you can see a problem brewing here for MS spinmeisters. If
they plant favourable stories (which they do) in the mags, these
pesky discussion sections provide a handy interactive mechanism for
the great unwashed to noisily voice their disbelief, thus
undermining the favourable story through instant rebuttal.”