The Register: Novell ships eDirectory for Win2k, claims sales victory

“Novell has started shipping NDS eDirectory for Windows 2000,
and is offering a free 100-user licence to those who acquire
Windows 2000 before mid-May. It is charging $2 per user for
additional licences – the same as for running with other platforms.
This gives users an alternative to Active Directory, and allows
users with networks containing non-Windows 2000 machines to manage
them from a single point.”

“Novell also said last night that IDC will release next
month data that shows that ‘NetWare outperformed all the
competition including Windows NT for all recorded node shipments
last year’ and that Novell’s market share ‘increase[d] from 50 per
cent in 1998 to 55 per cent in 1999’.
So far as the number of
nodes per licence, IDC will apparently say that NetWare does 84 per
cent better than NT, with an average of 35 nodes per licence,
compared with 19 nodes per licence for NT. Last year the network
operating system market grew 8 percent in licences and 13 percent
in nodes, according to IDC.”