The Robo Cloud Is Coming

In a way this sounds a little bit like Google’s Chrome OS, where most work is actually performed in cyberspace, doesn’t it? In a way, it’s very Zen. We have all these robots running around doing our bidding, each with its own separate identity, but all ultimately relying on a single brain.

My valet-bot is busy dressing me, folding my clothes and such, thinking about all the things that concern valet-bots. Meanwhile, my butler-bot is answering the phone, attempting to discern whether the caller really needs my attention or not, because I get cranky when you hand me the phone and it turns out to be yet another person who wants to sell me burial insurance. My banker-bot is counting my liabilities, contemplating closing my account, while the cop-bot is wondering whether I should be pulled over for doing five over.

All these bots with separate jobs and separate identities, but they all share the same brain – God-bot – who lives up in the cloud.