The Wikipad Android gaming tablet is back (but smaller)

Ah, the ephemeral Wikipad is back in the news! You remember it, right? It’s that Android tablet designed for gamers, with the crazy controller attachment. I think we first talked about it in January 2012 when it was going to be an 8″ Android tablet with glasses-free 3D, designed for gamers. Then in July we got word that the Wikipad had decided to pass on the 3D aspect, but it had changed size to 10″. In September we learned that it would ship on October 31st with a $499 price and that you could pre-order it from Gamestop. But at the last minute, the WikiPad encountered another delay. A little over three months have passed since then. So what’s happened since Halloween? The Wikipad has changed size again. It’s now a 7″ tablet with a more rational $249 price.