To Ubuntu or Not to Ubuntu

I’m a little behind in my blogs so I’m doing two today so in today’s post in my prep for my yearly weekend at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) I’m going to cover with a lot of brevity one of the most popular versions of Linux out there. Ubuntu.

Let me clarify why I’m going to be so brief. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE some Ubuntu. To me, a conversation about Linux that doesn’t include Ubuntu or Fedora/Red Hat is missing a little something. For that reason there isn’t too much I want to say about it because you’ll definitely get an ear full about it in whatever setting you go. Well, on the desktop at least. I don’t want to upset the Ubuntu peeps too much because I’m sure they’re working really hard on getting it into server rooms (I have actually installed an Ubuntu server at a small office with no problem) but it’s most brought up for home use.

If you are going to set up a computer at home running Linux the favorites are Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSuse to me. Now let me change my first statement just a little bit. In my opinion the way to install these is using KDE as the display manager. Ubuntu up until probably a year ago or so stopped breaking the version into different names according to how you liked the screen to look. There was Kubuntu (KDE version), Xubuntu (lightweight XFCE version), and I think a couple more. Like I tell everyone though. KDE versus the Gnome, Unity or whatever the flavor of the week is is up to you. I made myself actually laugh a little bit because there is an interface called Cinnamon which actually is a flavor.

Go go go. Get a copy of Ubuntu and play with it. It is also based off of the Debian .deb format that I mention a lot as being one of the easiest ways to install software in Linux even though I???d also advice downloading and installing a program called Synaptic which I always install first to make installs even easier.

So there you have it. Come out to SCALE Feb. 22-24 and find me (Phillip Banks) and I’ll give you a couple other ideas from what you do everyday.

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