Too much wizz bang for your buck.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, we all know that. Although, in many countries, money is made from trees, the others use the remains of dead animals which are millions of years old. Where ever it comes from, money is much harder to come by than it is to spend.

This is because every man, woman, child and their dog are trying to find ways of parting your money from you and avoid giving you money that you feel entitled to. This is the result of our modern world. Companies like to entice you to spend money on them by trying to convince you that you get more bang for your buck so to speak.

In other words, to convince you that their product is better than the competitions they try to do what is called “Value Add”. The reality of it is they have some little feature that is different from an otherwise identical product from another company and use that as either justification for a higher price or as enticement for their product to be chosen.

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