Tor 0.2.9 Is Just Around the Corner as Fixes Memory Leak in OpenSSL 1.1

While the Tor maintenance update is here to fix a couple of major bugs discovered on the Tor Alpha build, which had an impact on client’s reliability and performance across all supported platforms, it also adds workarounds for a memory leak with the OpenSSL 1.1 library when attempting to encode public keys, and a bug in the macOS Sierra 10.12 SDK. Also new in the Tor point release, which might just be the last one for the 0.2.8 series, as Tor 0.2.9 is coming very soon with many new features, is a fix for implicit conversion warnings under OpenSSL 1.1, and it looks like the GeoIP and GeoIP6 databases have been updated to the Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database as of November 3, 2016.