Ubuntu 17.04 to Be Dubbed “Zesty Zapus”, Will Launch on April 2017

That’s right, we’re talking about Ubuntu 17.04, whose codename will be “Zesty Zapus.” While some of you are enjoying their brand new Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) installations, the Ubuntu development team has started working on Ubuntu 17.04, another normal release of the Linux-based OS that will receive 9 months of support. Ubuntu 17.04 is scheduled for release sometime in April 2017. What’s a Zapus? Well, according to Wikipedia, it’s a genus of North American jumping mice. This means that Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) should be a fast and powerful GNU/Linux distribution, shipping with recent and modern technologies and free software projects. According to Mark Shuttleworth, it looks like Ubuntu is moving even faster to the centre of the cloud and edge operations.