Ubuntu-Based ExLight Linux OS Is One of the Few to Use Latest Enlightenment 0.22

ExLight Build 171121 replaces last week’s Build 171112, which used the older Enlightenment 0.20 desktop from the Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) software repositories, to update Enlightenment to the latest 0.22 release that the developer compiled from sources. This makes ExLight one of few distros to use Enlightenment 0.22. The other two distros that use Enlightenment 0.22 are ALT Linux and SparkyLinux. To be able to install Enlightenment 0.22 from sources, the developer had to install a bunch of other packages, which made the ISO image quite bigger compared to the previous release. An increase of approximately 300MB, from 1210 MB to 1560 MB.