Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Released with Latest MATE Desktop, New Apps, Many Improvements

Dubbed by Martin Wimpress as a “paper-cut release,” Ubuntu MATE 19.10 is here to address numerous issues from previous releases around the window manager, panel, and indicators. These include proper XPresent support in the Window Manager to fix screen tearing and further improve frame times in games, add invisible window corners, HiDPI rendering improvements, and cleaned up window controls, and improved Alt+Tab navigation. Due to these changes in the Window Manager, Ubuntu MATE 19.10 doesn’t ship with Compiz and Compton by default. Furthermore, the Brisk Menu and MATE Dock Applet are now developed in-house and received several improvements, the MATE Panel was updated with reliable layout switching, oversized icons in the indicators were fixed too, and a Date/Time indicator has been included by default.