uib gmbh announces the release 4.0.5 of the client management system opsi

??? The version 4.0.5 from the Open Source client management system opsi, manages Linux and Windows clients in one system. With this version of opsi comes also the productive version of the co-funding project ???Linux-Agent???.
??? With the new opsi-extension ???UEFI-Support??? all the devices with UEFI-Boot can now be integrated into opsi.
??? The extension ???Local Image??? allows the quick restoration from classrooms computers through a local image-backup.
??? Moreover, opsi 4.0.5 includes extensive innovations and improvements like the image support tool opsi Clonezilla, the opsi-setup-detector to automate the generation of opsi install packages as well as an extensive overhaul that increase the performance of the opsi-configuration-editor.

For a complete overview and detailed description of all new features, please refer to the release notes manual:

About opsi:
opsi is an Open Source client management system to administrate Windows and Linux
clients based on Linux servers. Opsi supports the installation of operating systems,
software deployments, inventories and patch management. Opsi can be applied whenever Windows or Linux clients have to be managed. That means from a dozen of clients up to several thousands.

About uib gmbh:
uib gmbh was founded in 1995 in Mainz, Germany with focus on IT-Service-Management (ITSM). Previously when uib gmbh provided system administration services, opsi was developed in response to a need of an Open Source client management interface.
As the developers and maintainers of opsi, uib provides professional support and maintenance for opsi.
To support the further development of opsi modules, uib has established the practice of cofunding projects. New opsi modules remain subject to costs and Closed Source until the development expenses have been balanced and will then become part of the free Open Source opsi kernel.