Upside: Linuxcare regroups

Linuxcare co-founder Art Tyde certainly doesn’t sound like
a man who just watched $50 million or so in potential private
wealth go up in smoke in the space of just two weeks.

“In fact, listening to Tyde’s measured tones over the phone, the
same confident delivery that convinced Kleiner Perkins to invest in
a Linux services startup back in 1998, it’s hard to detect any
flicker of emotion at all….”

“Sixteen weeks later, Sarrat and the smirk are both gone. As for
the planned IPO, Tyde and the rest of the new quartet currently
filling the Linuxcare chief executive slot have elected to put that
on the shelf for a few months. While Sarrat’s cloudy departure has
served as a convenient excuse for that decision, Tyde admits that
the current “normalizing” trend in the high tech marketplace also
played a significant role in forcing his company to retime its