Urban Terror New Update Released with New Game Mode, 2 New Maps and Lots of Fixes

Frozen Sand has released a new update, 4.2.019, for its first-person shooter Urban Terror. If you already have Urban Terror installed, you only need to run the updater from the installation directory, without the need to download the entire game again.

Urban Terror is a first-person shooter set in realistic environments, initially started as a Quake 3 modification, and turning into a standalone game. It features online multiplayer, tons of maps, mods and weapons, but also features like acceleration and trickjumps. Some popular maps from other games are ported to Urban Terror, like the well-known dust2 from Counter-Strike:


Using the automatic updater to update UrT:



The main feature in this release is the addition of a new game mode, called Freeze Tag, which is a mod similar to Freeze Tag from other games like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament. In Freeze Tag, when a player dies he will be frozen and needs to be unfrozen by a teammate that stands near them for a certain amount of time. Once an entire team is frozen, the opposing team wins the round.

A frozen player in Freeze Tag:


Two new maps founds their way in this release as well, ut4_prominence and ut4_killroom:






This new update also comes with lots of fixes that address bugs like several game crashes, callvote command or weapon toggle bugs.

You can read a short guide to Urban Terror here: http://www.tuxarena.com/intro/guide_urbanterror.php

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