VDI on your Tablet

Theqvd.com really exciting opensource project that supports windows, mac, ios and android.

Its a VDI solution with a twist each user has an image for isolation but it uses LXC for virtualisation so runs in process under a single kernel.
So mega stable VDI but with hugely reduced server requirements.

3.3 is about to be released and its a project that needs some support. I am trying to get them to stay away from 3D and multimedia.
Our tablets can do that natively and traditionally server side this is a killer so my answer is don’t bother.
Just give us a VDI solution for IOS and Android with all that is in the suse and ubuntu repo’s and then we are talking.

Hopefully you might give theqvd.com a mention as its very new and maybe you will support my arguments but please its your editorial.