Vivaldi 1.5.676.6 Web Browser Snapshot Introduces Easier Tab Selection by Domain

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.676.6 is here to address over 20 bugs reported by users from previous versions of the web browser, which, apparently, did not make into the final Vivaldi 1.5 release announced at the beginning of the week of November 21. It also introduces an exciting new feature related to tab management, namely the ability to much easier select tabs by domain, as well as some startup improvements. The new tab management feature implemented in Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.676.6 will allow you to easily tile the selected tabs via the right-click context menu, which then can be gathered into a stack, bookmarked, move into a separate window, or close them all together using the Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut. The new snapshot also simplifies the drag and drop functionality around trashcan in trees and improves copy, paste, and cut for bookmark trees, Speed Dials, and the bookmark bar.