Vivaldi 1.7 Web Browser Is Out with Built-In Screenshot Tool, New Options

Vivaldi 1.7 comes two months after the release of version 1.6, which launched on December 15, 2016, as the world’s first web browser to display notifications in tabs for web pages that offer content in real time, such as Facebook and Twitter, and promises to introduce various new features that we bet many of you will love. First off, you should know that Vivaldi 1.7 is based on the open-source Chromium 56.0.2924.88 browser. The best new feature of Vivaldi 1.7 is without no doubt its screenshot tool. That’s right, the next time you’ll upgrade Vivaldi to version 1.7, you’ll discover that there’s now a new camera icon in the status bar, which lets you capture parts of a web page, an entire page, and even the whole Vivaldi window. You’ll be able to save these screenshots as JPG or PNG, or copy them to the clipboard and paste them into another app.