VyOS Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

From now on, users can deploy VyOS straight from the Marketplace and include Google Cloud services to their networking. The company’s software routing features make it a perfect match to GCP and bring along several new opportunities.

The integrated solution offers a safe environment to connect GCP services and remote sites through encrypted protocols while creating a unified network. Among the offered services is a powerful firewall that grants companies full control over access to internal resources. With the help of VyOS VPN and a zone-based firewall, access to Google Cloud infrastructure is flexible and fully protected.

VyOS on Google Cloud offers the following benefits
1. Management tools. The web interface is used for comfortable system management. VyOS also comes with an integrated Ansible module for automating configuration workflow.
2. Reliable connectivity. VyOS offers a secure failover mode that provides constant connectivity. Backed up with a variety of Google edge locations, the network provides constant access to resources.
3. Traffic control. The new solution combines Google tools such as Traffic Director and Internal Load Balancing with VyOS security protocols, a VPN concentrator, QoS support and policy-based routing for better traffic flow control.
4. Affordability. The new solution is penny-wise. VyOS is a versatile system that combines the services of multiple devices for the price of one.

The new partnership of VyOS with GCP is meant to provide a comprehensive solution that can connect hosts and services both inside the Cloud, as well as bring in external resources and remote clients.